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Despite her deafness, she pursued her dreams, and even made history as the first Miss America with a disability. Marta is a third generation ASL user. Everyone in the room, McCallum included, burst into tears.

In fourth grade, Heather learned about the story of a young woman from Alabama who would forever change her life — Helen Keller ; Keller became her role model. Let God Surprise You, introduces readers to men and women whose extraordinary stories demonstrate how God can turn around any situation. She went lobbying on Capitol Hill Thursday, meeting with legislators to help advocate on behalf of the deaf, and to raise awareness among deaf people about the opportunities available for improving speech.

Her condition was concluded to be the result of the virus, the antibiotics or a combination of both.

However, her mom had faith and was determined for Heather to have the life she wanted. She went back to her local school for high school. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Whitestone was born in Dothan, Alabama.

On this day in Alabama history: Heather Whitestone was born

Inshe courted controversy among the Deaf community when she decided to have a cochlear implant operation in order to hear to an extent in her right ear, the hearing of which she had lost at 18 months. Heather also served as an executive member on the President's Committee on Employment of People Disabilities.

According to the doctors, she was only hours from death when they administered two powerful antibiotics that reduced her fever and saved her life. This article is part of our "Living Loud" series, which highlights famous deaf people and their impact in the world.

Of 28 million Americans who are profoundly deaf or have a significant hearing loss, at leastcan benefit from a cochlear implant. While at the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. She went back to her local school for high school. Getting Message Out Meanwhile, McCallum wasted no time getting her message out about cochlear implants.

She has also spearheaded the nation's largest multimedia public service campaign to identify early hearing loss, which was created by the Miss America Organization and the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf.

Heather decided to get a cochlear implant because she wanted to hear her family's voices, make further strides in achieving her goals and experience the hearing world. When the first runner up was announced, Whitestone could not hear the host Regis Philbin but could read his lips.

Louis, Missourishe learned two grade levels per year. The journey to the Miss America Pageant did not begin four years ago when I first competed in a local pageant. She now uses S. While at the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. There she is, Miss America! When her mom struggled to explain the concepts of rhythm and pronunciation, she enrolled Heather into a ballet class in hopes she could better understand rhythm.

Early life[ edit ] This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. It began when I was eighteen months old, when I lost my hearing. She was unable to keep up with her classwork and began to fall behind her peers. After three years, Heather caught up with her peers and returned to Alabama to graduate from public middle school with a 3.

Once the music started, she did every move according to the memorized count in her head. Louis, which focuses on developing speech and speechreading skills as the primary form of communication. When she was 18 months old, she lost her hearing due to a serious ear infection.

Surprised, she looked to her fellow contestant for confirmation that she had won. With the doctors assurances, Heather's relieved family took her home believing that their once energetic toddler would be back to normal within a few weeks.

She attended the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. The device was activated on September 19, Heather Whitestone was the first woman with a disability to be crowned Miss America in the Pageant's 75 year history.

Heather lost her hearing at the age of eighteen months when she was rushed to the hospital with a dangerously high fever, the cause of which was later diagnosed as. Sep 19,  · A deaf dancer from Alabama was named Miss America on Saturday, becoming the first woman with a major disability to wear the crown.

Heather Whitestone

Heather Whitestone, a year-old collegian from Birmingham, was. When the winner of the Miss America was announced, Heather Whitestone McCallum turned to her fellow finalist to see if she cried, knowing that it is almost always the winner who bursts into.

Heather Leigh Whitestone McCallum (born February 24, ) is a former beauty queen who was the first deaf Miss America title holder. Heather Leigh Whitestone McCallum (born February 24, in Dothan, Alabama) is a former beauty queen who was the first deaf Miss America title holder, having lost.

Heather Whitestone is known as “Miss Deaf America” (even though Miss Deaf America is a different pageant). She was the first deaf woman to be crowned Miss America in the Miss America pageant. Heather is both beautiful and intelligent, and it’s nice to see that the panelists didn’t discriminate against her because she’s deaf (I know.

Miss america heather whitestone
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